Keegan Basil



Suave.  Spirited.  Inspirational.  Sociable.   Four words that best describes talented Keegan Basil.   This 24 year old is a Cape Town model at 20 Model Management whom actually sports a genuine smile.  Hard to believe but there’s nothing fake about this guy.

Keegan is much more than just a pretty face in front of the cameras.  Over a very short period, he has become an absolute inspiration to many scholars and students.  How?  By means of broadcasting media.  He is also the presenter of his own show called The Keegan B Show on Hashtag Radio where he uses this medium to inspire young adults to dream big and aspire to become the best.  His slogan – “Aspire to Inspire.”


Growing up in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, he experienced his fair share of hardship.  Being raised by a single mom, he realised at a very young age that he would have to swop his typical adventurous and mischievous teenager ways for that of becoming an exemplary scholar and role model to his younger brother.  Reflecting on his childhood, Keegan says; “If I look back on the rewards of such circumstances, I am proud to have made it the best foundation for my journey now”.


Being in the media spotlight can change even the most sincere person.   However, Keegan feels that multi-cultural Cape Town provides him with a good dose of daily reality regarding where his roots lie.  Since our blog is ultimately all about the Cape and its food, we asked Keegan to share with us, his view on our Cape cuisine and one of his fondest food memories.


Keegan explains why he, as a local, loves our diverse food culture; “Cape Town is home to so many different cultures, religions, ethnic groups and traditions that I could only imagine that from each stemmed loyalty for tradition which resulted from a legacy that families have left behind in the kitchen through a simple recipe”.  He believes, this is one of the many reasons tourists (and locals) enjoy taste experiences such as our roti and curry, samoosas, gatsby or bunny chows.

A dish that Keegan remembers very well as a child is traditional Malay Butter Chicken Curry.   It was served at almost every family gathering.   To this day, whenever he bites into a succulent piece of sweet and spicy butter chicken, sentimental and nostalgic moments automatically comes flooding back.


In Keegan’s words;  “It goes way back to the time of our parents growing up during apartheid and remembering only the best of those memories.  As my mom would say “it was the way of my mother”.   She (my grandmother) would prepare her most delectable dish to get them through hard times.  Besides delicious, it was also economical as it could be used as the next day’s supper.   Even though this dish was remembered through hardship, it can still be celebrated through fellowship.  This was a traditional dish that reminded the family of a journey once taken which were an honour and also a blessing to appreciate”.

Blog article on Keegan Basil compiled by Lizar van Reenen





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