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BLUE BIRD GARAGE MARKET compiled by Lizar van Reenen

These days there is practically a food, craft, slow or some kind of market around every corner.  It’s no longer regarded as cool or trendy to hang out at a market.  It’s simply become the norm – a way of life.

We, being Erika, Miranda and myself,  had to choose one market that we thought would be ideal for our first official blog post.  It was a tough choice as most of our markets are really cool, each with their own “flavour”.   So between us three musketeers, we decided to go with the one which had an authentic, down-to-earth yet uber cool rawness about it, the one where you can hang with your homies, talk kak, eat and drink as if you’re at home, a place where everyone eventually knows your name.  Where is this place, you may ask?

Well,  it’s conveniently just down the road from us.  It’s the Blue Bird Garage Friday Night Market which happens every Friday from 16h00 until 10h00.  Besides it being conveniently close to us (and us wanting to promote our hood), this market is genuinely  freakin’ awesome!!   To us it represents the true Cape Town in every way – a melting pot society.  From the “yo bru” surfers, to the “oh wow man” hippies to the “oh so sleek” city trendoids, to those making the groot trek from beyond the boerewors curtain – you will find them here.

And, if you’re not a crowd person, the ‘i- like-to-cook-at-home’ type, why not sneak in, purchase some insanely fresh veggies and dash back home .  Then again, it very rarely happens like that at the Blue Bird.  You’ll probably  end up with a craft beer in hand, a plate of one of the many delicious, mouthwatering dishes for sale or chat up a storm with a familiar face while meandering around or sitting down at one of the unreserved tressle tables.  At Blue Bird a conversation with a stranger generally gets started with a “hello”.

This unpretentious Friday Night Market is the brainchild of local Muizenberg husband and wife team Dylan and Kim Speer who opened the market doors to the public on Friday 05 November 2010.   Kim, who grew up in Muizenberg says:  “The idea actually originated from the space – a chance meeting that lead us to viewing it, standing there in awe and formulating the plan.  It seemed the most obvious thing to do once we saw it”.  Kim saw the re-awakening of her ‘special’ hood and wanted to be part of that.

Before it turned into the vibey market that it is today, it was originally a postal plane hangar for the Southern Hemisphere.  After that, it was a garage (for cars).  The original writing is still on the walls, which they discovered under the paint when renovating the space giving it a dated feel.

We’ve always been curious about how the name Blue Bird Garage originated.  Kim enlightened us about her husband, Dylan’s fascination with cars.  They incorporated the name of the car that broke the land speed record many moons ago…the Bluebird (and it was in a garage)..   And here we thought it had something to do with the blue bird of happiness all along…silly us.

Besides the Friday Night Market, there is also a monthly market happening the first Saturday of every month from 11h00 until 16h00 at the same venue.  It is called The Dirty South Fashion & Goods Market which also incorporates the ‘Travelling Clothes Swop’ initiative.   If you’re a vintage clothing freak or into swopping  clothes or simply feel like escaping the DIY household duties on a Saturday morning – this is the one for you.

Now that you have an idea of what the Blue Bird Garage Market is all about, cancel your usual Friday night reservations (ie. vegging on the couch with a pizza, watching re-runs) and start your weekend filled with good food, beer, wine, chatting, people watching, more chatting, more eating, more drinking and hopefully leaving with a huge shit eating grin on your face…called happiness.











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